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The synergy series is a collection of products that contain other cannabinoids then CBD such as CBG and CBN that we then combined together. The reason being well CBD, CBN, and CBG all have similar benefits when used together those benefits multiply exponentially. The reason for that is the entourage effect cannabinoids work better together then individually helping us to achieve a healthy equilibrium and overall homeostasis.

Introducing CBhyDrate’s night time harmony CBD/CBN tincture 1500mg Hemp-extracted CBD paired with 500mg CBN. All the same health and wellness benefits as our CBD tinctures but now with added health benefits of CBN designed for night time use works great for insomnia and troubles sleeping. Like CBD CBN has been shown to be effective as a sleep aid or sedative when used together results in the entourage effect and works to enhance both cannabinoids benefits.

What is CBN?
CBN or (cannabinol) one of the many minor cannabinoids that contribute to CBDS therapeutic potential.
Just like CBD and CBG comes from both cannabis and industrial hemp known for its high CBD content the hemp plant also holds more then 110 minor cannabinoids including CBN. Since CBN is the direct evolution of THC from the process of oxidization there are several similarities between the effects minus the psychoactive ones. CBN is shown to have significant Health benefits because of its ability to interact with both receptors CB1 and CB2 of the endocannabinoid system.

CBN and the (ECS)
The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is composed of two types of receptors the CB1 receptors occur in the central and peripheral nervous system engaging with your brains neurotransmitters while CB2 receptors are primarily found in the immune system and organs CBN work by binding to both receptors of the (ECS) but with CBN only being still in its early stages of preliminary studies they have seen most interaction with the body’s CB1 receptors.

CBN benefits
CBD and CBN have very similar benefits but why use them together? Because those benefits multiply exponentially the reason being when cannabinoids are synced together they then achieve the entourage effect which causes cannabinoids to work better together than individually. Like CBD CBN interacts with both receptors in the (ECS) one of the largest regulatory systems in the human body. Although research investigating the therapeutic potential of CBN (Cannabinol) is still in its early stages of preliminary studies suggest CBN could be used to significantly help support your overall health and wellness in the following.

Stress relief
Sleeping disorders
Pain relief
Anti-inflammatory benefits
Promotes growth of bone cells
Regulating Appetite
Neuroprotective properties

Ingredients |Hemp Extracted cannabidiol, Highly refined MCT oil, cannabinol (CBN)

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