Headache Relief Package




1000mg CBD Oil
Essential Oil Roller Headache Helper

1000mg CBD Oil
description: Made using all natural ingredients infused with 1000mg of lab-tested pharmaceutical-grade hemp-extracted cannabidiol. Great for helping relieve anxiety, inflammation, insomnia and work as an overall immune booster. Dosages vary depending on the persons endocannabinoid system response. For best results start off with a 1/2 ML (33mg CBD,) half of the measured dropper in the morning and evening or taken as needed.

Ingredients: Hemp-extracted cannabidiol | highly refined MCT oil | hemp-extracted cannabidiol

CBD Content: 1000mg CBD

Lab Results

Essential Oil Roller Headache Helper

Description:  A balanced blend of essential oils infused with 50mgs of hemp-extracted CBD created to help relieve migraines, headaches, and relax your mind from stressful days.

Ingredients: Frankincense oil | peppermint oil | eucalyptus oil | lavender oil | MCT oil | hemp-extracted cannabidiol

CBD Content: 50mg CBD

Lab Results


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